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Hey there! My name is Max Lalanne, and I'm a 24-year-old landscape photographer. 

In  search of the raw, the ethereal, and the in-between, most of my work focusses on subjects that may be considered mundane — windswept fields of grass,  valleys that bear no name, roads driven a million times without second thought.

But I believe there is incredible beauty — however simple, however minimal —  imbued in the very essence of our natural world, and it is that beauty that I want to share with you.  

I hope that my photographs can help inspire you to go outside and seek this magic for yourself, so that we may better appreciate it, learn from it, and protect it. 

Born in Paris and raised in New Hampshire, I draw most inspiration from the diverse landscapes of the American West, which I like to experience by travelling and camping in my Toyota 4x4 truck with my rescue dog, Cleo. 

If you my work resonates with you, feel free to check out my print store, and connect with me on Instagram Thanks for reading!

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